API: Basics and authentication

API key/user

An API key/user is needed to access all API functions. In order to obtain an API key/user, please contact Company Admin. Company admin can create API user/key in Fennoa API shop.


In Fennoa API Shop there are predefined API user templates with proper permissions and General API user for custom API integrations.

If you are developing integration for general use and want predefined user template for it, please feel free to fill ouf form.

Calling API functions

The maximum limit of active requests per IP-address is 100 per second. If this limit is exceeded, the server will return an error to all following requests with status 429 Too Many Requests until the active request count drops below the limit.

Fennoa API URL’s are always the same, regardless of the company used:


For example:


Authentication and selecting company
For authentication and selecting a company, Basic Authentication is used: